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How to Upload (Pre)-Annotations to Roboflow

Learn how to upload annotations and predictions to Roboflow using the Python SDK, allowing you to import pre-existing datasets or create active learning loops programmatically.

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How to avoid orientation bugs in Computer Vision labeling?

Image orientation metadata can cause strange bugs. This post teaches you how to identify these bugs and how to fix them.

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What does it take to add Copilot to Obsidian?

Ever wanted to have Copilot-like completions in Obsidian? It is now possible. This blog post explains how I created the Copilot Auto Completion plugin for Obsidian.

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What does it take to let ChatGPT manage my Todoist tasks?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to implement an AI assistant that can manage your Todoist inbox? In this blog, I will show you how I implemented my LLM-based Todoist agent using the REACT framework.

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Practicing your DBT skills locally with DuckDB

Want to practice your DBT skills but don't have access to a data warehouse? In this post, I will show you how to run DBT without the for a cloud based data warehouse.

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Tool: AI based transcription in the browser

Transcribing audio and video has never been easier, thanks to OpenAI's whisper. Try it out now using a Javascript-based client-side version of the model.

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The Surprising Impact of Kedro's' Data Catalog

Kedro is built around some interesting design choices such as the data catalog. This blog discusses its unexpected benefits from a software engineering perspective.

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Adding Application Insight Based Monitoring to Fast API

Learn how to add application insights-based monitoring to your FastAPI project using opencensus. All you need is custom middleware and a tracer.

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DIY auto-grad Engine: A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Derivatives Automatically

Want to understand the magic of Jax, PyTorch, and TensorFlow auto-grad engines? The best to learn is to build your DIY version from scratch in Python.

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Python Dataclass From Scratch

Want to understand the magic behind data classes? Learn how to create them from scratch using Python's exec function.

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TIL: How to Find the Last Record in a Group Using KQL

Today I learned how to use KQL's arg_max function to find the last record in a log time interval group in Azure's Application Insight.

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Poetry cheatsheet

Keep forgetting the CLI commands for Poetry? This cheatsheet will help you.